How to Develop the Mindset of a Champion

Dr. Jack Singer teaches financial professionals how to become a champion through stress mastery and changing their mindsets.  Those who hear Dr. Jack’s life-changing talk become armed with results-driven, actionable techniques, and feel simultaneously energized, entertained and empowered.

BOOKDRJACKOf all the great speakers to choose from, why should you hire Dr. Jack Singer for your next event?

  • He is a real EXPERT, with a Ph.D., a post doctorate, 33 years of experience, the author of 4 books and 174 published articles, who speaks professionally!
  • Each of his knowledge-packed presentations leaves the audience with specific, results driven and ACTIONABLE TAKE-AWAYS that apply directly to both their careers and their lives.
  • His programs always reflect CURRENT, cutting edge, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in the Psychology of Performance Enhancement, Stress Resilience and the emerging field of Neuroplasticity.
  • His examples and case studies are RELEVANT to the goals you want accomplished for your specific audience.
  • His programs are INTERACTIVE, FUN and ENTERTAINING. The fun rivets their attention and retention.
  • He is AUTHENTIC and ENGAGES his audiences with highly valued information they can all use immediately
  • He is flexible, dependable, EASY to work with, and ACCESSIBLE.

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What people are saying about Dr. Jack’s presentations….

The best session I’ve attended. He engaged the audience like no other speaker I’ve heard and his optimism is contagious!
Lisa Tennanut, M&T Securities
Outstanding and it re-charged my battery! This was the best presentation I have attended here!
Vernon Gibsen, Moors & Cabot
Jack chops down the trees to help bring the forest into view!!!
David Meelay, Sun Trust