Tips for the Trucking Industry: How to Improve Resilience When Facing Stressors

Remaining resilient in the face of stressors is an important skill no matter what your occupation is. Using my experience as an applied sports psychologist, my practice focuses on teaching financial advisors how to develop the mindset of a champion. However, you’d be surprised how many other groups can benefit from this same message. […]

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Dealing With Adversity: See How I Handle It Worry-Free

Everybody encounters adversity and, as I’ve mentioned many times, stress is not completely the result of the adversities you face – it’s more about how you interpret and handle the situation. To demonstrate, I’d like to share a recent example from my own life.
Facing Adversity
I was about to board a plane today, heading for […]

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A Simple Technique for HR Professionals to Manage Stressors on the Job

Besides having to deal with the “life stressors” we all experience, such as marital/family challenges, the death of close relatives, chronic illnesses, raising teenagers, and the like, HR professionals are faced with a multitude of potential job stressors to which they must adapt.

Many HR professionals find themselves overwhelmed by these stressors.  Whether it’s  your […]

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Market Volatility and the Emergence of Toxic Clients

Market volatility is unsettling for most financial advisors. Dealing with up and down conditions is tough, but what makes it even worse is the emergence of “toxic clients” who begin calling frantically. These clients are “toxic” because they can have a poisonous effect on both the advisor’s mental and physical health.

Advisors who consult with […]

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Stress in the Workplace: New Research Specific to Financial Advisors and Other Financial Service Professionals

Every year stress in the workplace costs employers billions of dollars from health insurance claims, absenteeism, and poor work quality – but did you know that workplace stress is as dangerous to your health as second hand smoke? A new review of 228 studies shows just how dangerous workplace stress is, making it more […]

Conquering the Stress of Market Volatility: 7 Critical Steps for Financial Advisors

Market volatility is a major cause of stress for financial advisors, who have to deal with demanding clients, worry about how long market upheaval will last, and reconsider their core values in order to take advantage of current market conditions.

Advisors under these pressures often seek me out, complaining about symptoms such as insomnia, irritability […]

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Recognizing the Real “Culprit” Causing Financial Advisor Stress

Most advisors believe that their stress is caused by the whole host of potential stressors inherent in their jobs, such as:

Feeling pressure to build your book of business
Maintaining your wealth management philosophies and strategies, while dealing with difficult and abusive clients whose lack of knowledge causes them to differ with you
Working for a difficult […]

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Tips For Type ‘A’ Financial Advisors To Better Master Stress

Many advisors contact me with the following question:  “My dad is a Type A personality and I am just like him.  Is there any hope for me or am I doomed to be hyper and stressed in my advising career forever?”

Type A personality traits were actually discovered by two prominent cardiologists, partners in an […]

4 Common Self-Talk Habits that Increase Financial Advisor Stress and Burnout

In a recent article, I discussed how the real cause of all stress, is how people interpret events and situations that take place in their lives, particularly in their advising jobs.  The culprit is our self-talk, which always determines whether or not the situation will cause us stress. To review, using as an example […]

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Financial Advisors: The Real Cause of Your Stress

Many advisors have contacted me for help dealing with their stress during the recent roller coaster upheavals in the market. As I have written in many articles over the years, it’s important to remember that events, such as volatile markets, don’t cause stress. Your interpretation of the events (for example, telling yourself that now […]