10 Remarkable Stress Facts that Every Advisor Should Know: Part 2

In my last blog (Part 1.) I discussed the first 5 remarkable stress facts that every advisor should be aware of:

Your Personality Dynamics Can Make You More Prone to Stress
Even Small Amounts of Chronic Stress Can Affect Your Health in a Negative Way
You Do Not Need to Eliminate All Stress to be Happy and […]

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10 Remarkable Stress Facts that Every Advisor Should Know: Part 1

Everyone talks about the stress that goes with the territory in the financial services industry. Indeed, I get calls weekly from advisors who want me to help them deal with their stress.

There is so much information out there about the effects of stress that it can be stressful and overwhelming just trying to absorb […]

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The Most Powerful Secret for Advisor Success Over Stress

How do you explain setbacks and unfortunate events, such as the stress of having to call a very difficult client after the market tanks, to yourself?

How do you persevere and remain resilient under adverse circumstances, which are part and parcel of every financial services professional’s career?

Do you look at setbacks as overwhelming catastrophes or […]

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7 Powerful Secrets for Eliminating Advisors’ Self-Imposed Stress

In essence, all of our stress is actually self-imposed.  What do I mean by that?  Events and situations that advisors deal with do not cause advisor stress. It’s not the event, but your interpretation of the event that either causes stress or relaxed feelings.  The choice is yours.  It’s all about the conversations you […]

3 Points of Stress for Independent Health Insurance Agents

Recent changes to health insurance laws have caused dramatic shifts in the careers of independent health insurance agents. Changes in commission structure and competition from health insurance navigators have led independent agents to feel fear and stress. Fortunately, help is available. The professional organization Health Agents of America (HAFA) is looking out for independent […]

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The Simple Technique for Avoiding Provider Burnout and Lowering Stress

I was recently in a doctor’s office, and he related to me that he is suffering from “provider burnout.” Sadly, this is something that is becoming more and more common among professionals in all types of service-based industries. Is this a new epidemic or just the result of a more common and easily fixable […]

How to Use Active Listening to Manage Stress and Strengthen Client Relationships

Stress mastery is an important skill for everyone, regardless of their career or industry. For financial advisors, stress mastery can help you perform better under pressure and better deal with difficult clients.

The key to stress mastery is understanding that events themselves do not cause your stress – you cause your own stress by the […]

Stress Mastery Tips for Type A and People-Pleasing Personalities

In my last few blog posts, I have discussed not only corporate wellness programs, but also the importance of individuals taking mental health into their own hands. Mental health involves managing stress, because stress is not caused by events themselves but rather how we interpret events. On my Developing the Mindset of a Champion […]

Lower Your Stress Level by Understanding How Stress Forms

In some of my past blog posts, I discussed corporate wellness programs and a recent study that found that companies that have wellness programs outperform those who do not. This shows that corporate wellness programs do indeed impact a business’s profitability and success. On an individual level, this works because employees are healthier, take […]

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Job Stressors: What Financial Advisors Can Learn from Athletic Training Coaches

I am honored that I have been invited to address members of the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa), in Dallas, on May 5th. These coaches are unique resources for athletes, as they take responsibility for helping to develop these people for life, as well as in their sport. Although this is a […]