Getting Calm to Get Inspired

Everyone has days when “inspired” is the last word they would use to describe their mood. Not even close, in fact! The good news is that while inspiration cannot be forced, there are some simple tips to follow that can result in you getting calm enough to call inspiration your friend again.

Where to Start

Calm […]

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Manage Job/Workplace Stress – The Golden Rule

There are many times that you apply for the job. You get the job. And the job pretty much sucks.

You often put in your best efforts, but everyone around you is dissatisfied. The reasons are beyond your understanding. Your fellow-workers are not happy with you; some of them do not hesitate to taunt you. Your […]

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5 Tips For Balancing Work and Home Life

In a world that seems to be ever more frantic it is more important by the day to find a sustainable balance in your work and home life. Without balance we become over stressed, which is not healthy. So it’s important to find balance between work and home life. Let’s look at 5 tips for […]

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The “Psychology” of Money

The “Psychology” of Money - How to Stop Flushing Your Money Down the Toilet. Aside from not earning enough money, one of the biggest problems, psychologically, is overspending. Here is how people’s core beliefs can make them vulnerable to overspending...

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Stress Mastery Rx #6

Deal better with stress by recognizing that not all change is bad. Embrace it and learn to cope with it by being more fluid with your thoughts.

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Stress Mastery Rx #4

Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Embrace it, and find ways to see the positive outcomes of change for you. I suggest you sit quietly with a notepad and pen and list what coping and buffer skills you need to work with.

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Managing Interpersonal Conflict in the Busy Workplace

Managing interpersonal conflict in organizations is among the most critical and important skills that employees on all levels of the organization can possess. Job insecurity, fueled by fears of downsizing, mergers, the unstable economy and an unknown organizational future, produces fertile ground for the development of conflict. Moreover, advances in technology , which are often viewed as threatening, magnify the potential for anger and frustration in the workplace.

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Stress Management Tip of the Day: Job Burnout Prevention

Job burnout is an insidious problem in the American workforce, among all levels of employees. Frequently undiagnosed, burnout may appear in job statistics of absenteeism statistics, in suicide rates, or in the development of chronic illnesses that keep employees from working. Ultimately, working oneself to death can be the disguise for job burnout.

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The Long Term Effects of Abusive Coaching Practices

With all of the reverberations emanating from the Jerry Sandusky crimes against young men who trusted him, parents should now be hyper-vigilant about the warning signs of coaches in whom they have entrusted their children.

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Physician Burnout Rates Alarmingly High

So, what is the solution? Physicians can learn to manage and even master the stresses in their lives by paying attention to the negative thinking patterns that they habitually use when addressing those stressful events.

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