A Simple Technique for HR Professionals to Manage Stressors on the Job

Besides having to deal with the “life stressors” we all experience, such as marital/family challenges, the death of close relatives, chronic illnesses, raising teenagers, and the like, HR professionals are faced with a multitude of potential job stressors to which they must adapt.

Many HR professionals find themselves overwhelmed by these stressors.  Whether it’s  your […]

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A Useful Strategy to Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again.
So many of us resolve to do this or that right after New Year’s celebrations.  Why do we wait for the New Year?  The answer is that somehow we magically believe that putting the old year and the unfortunate habits we maintained behind us, gives us a fresh outlook […]

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What Financial Advisors Can Learn from World Series Champion Kansas City Royals

Advisors face adversity constantly, with market upheavals, panicky clients, etc. The most successful advisors have an optimistic, “can do,” resilient attitude, regardless of the particular adversity.

The World Series Champion Kansas City Royals showed the exact same resiliency by knowing that they could win regardless of how far behind they were in the inning. In fact more than 40% of their […]

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5 Steps to Supercharging Your Self-Confidence as a World Class Advisor

In my 33 years of consulting with Olympic, World Champion and professional athletes, plus my consulting and mentoring experience with financial advisors…all directed at teaching them to develop a champion’s mindset, I have seen many parallels, when it comes to the critical issue of self-confidence. Self-confidence, or the lack of it, can lead you directly […]

3 Stress Mastery Tips to Buffer Your Stress

In my initial article, I talked about the surveys done with financial advisors right after the 2008 financial crisis and the alarming percentage of advisors who actually suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result. We don’t know how many advisors actually retired or tried to change their careers in response to the […]

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How Advisors Can Avoid Fear of Failure

In a recent post I talked about how Joe Flacco avoided the temptation to feel like an imposter in the 2013 Super Bowl. Despite few pundits giving the Ravens a chance in the game, and most of the attention focusing on the 49ers and their rookie quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, Flacco overcame any concerns that he […]

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Seven Surefire Strategies for Success Over Stress: How to Build Lasting Resilience!

By Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.

Susan has been suffering a series of medical conditions, which her doctors have not been able to diagnose or treat effectively. On and off pain in her stomach, achiness in her neck and back and headaches have become a regular part of her life. Susan fears that she may have […]

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What Really Makes You Tick?

Self Improvement – 5 questions you should ask yourself

If you are like me, I often view myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement. It is human nature to want to aspire daily for something deeper and more meaningful in life.

But life […]

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Creative Problem Solving Tips

Everyday problems usually respond to tried-and-true solutions. But sometimes you need to go beyond the obvious. Try these tactics when you need to take a more creative approach to problem-solving.

Do some extra research. Don’t assume you have all the facts you need. Before trying to solve the problem, dig deep into the background and […]

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