How to Utilize the Power of Persuasion to Boost Your Financial Services Career

As you know, your career in financial services involves a large amount of selling, whether it’s selling yourself and your services to a prospective client, selling an investment idea to a client, or selling your core financial planning values to your current clients.  A large percentage of advisors with whom I consult tell me […]

Avoid Advisor Burnout: 7 Client Personality Types to Eliminate from Your Practice (Part 1)

During these days of relative market flatness, with no negative economic or world events looming, advisors find it relatively easy to deal with the variety of personality types in their financial practice. But, when the market inevitably tanks or develops remarkable volatility, it is obviously very unsettling. One of the main reasons is because […]

3 Necessary Components for Ultimate Advisor Happiness

Psychologist Martin Seligman, the father of the “Positive Psychology” movement, has spent the latter part of his career conducting research into the character strengths and life components that consistently define happiness.
Many financial advisors with whom I have worked with, complain that although they make a very comfortable living, they would not describe themselves as truly […]

5 Ways to Delight Your Clients

Developing a successful business means standing out from the competition, whether you’re in finance, healthcare, sales, HR, legal services, or any other industry. One way to do that is by making your clients a part of your business’s “family” – showing that you value them as clients and as individuals. There are many ways […]

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How HR Professionals Can Use Employee Wellness Program Statistics to Their Advantage

As an HR Professional, I know you’ve been there and done that: trying your best to convince your CEO about the benefits that employee and workplace wellness programs will bring to the company. While you can state statistics about how stress mastery workshops, for example, will reduce healthcare costs, your CEO is mainly concerned […]

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What the 2015 Kansas City Royals World Series Win Can Teach Financial Advisors About Overcoming Adversity

Financial professionals face adversity in a variety of forms – difficult clients, market volatility, and a number of other stressors faced on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. The thing about adversity is that you can’t avoid it – but how you react to it is completely under your control.

I consult with many advisors […]

Toxic Clients That Financial Advisors Should Avoid – Part 2

In my last blog post, I brought up the topic of “toxic” clients in the financial advisor profession, with an overview of some of the toxic personalities that you should consider keeping out of your practice. Today I will continue on, discussing four additional toxic personalities to avoid.

As I noted in the article, because […]

Add the TRIUMPHS Model to Your Advisor Skills Repertoire

Consistently Grow Your Book of Business

Scott has been doing well in his financial advising career for many years. He understands how to how follow up on leads and referrals and how to offer excellent service to his clients. Yet, he’s amazed at how much more successful his colleague, Michael, is, when Scott puts much […]

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