How HR Professionals Can Use Employee Wellness Program Statistics to Their Advantage

As an HR Professional, I know you’ve been there and done that: trying your best to convince your CEO about the benefits that employee and workplace wellness programs will bring to the company. While you can state statistics about how stress mastery workshops, for example, will reduce healthcare costs, your CEO is mainly concerned […]

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Yawning – Why Do We Do It and Why Is It Contagious?

Yawning is one of the most natural things in the world and something that we do even before we are born, but why do we yawn and why is it so contagious?

Theories abound in the medical world as to why humans and some animals yawn. While some scientists believe that it was a method […]

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The Perils of Perfectionism

Finding work/life balance in today’s busy and highly competitive world could never be described as easy. For most perfectionists, however, it is downright impossible.

Although many people tend to think of being a perfectionist as a positive thing, true perfectionism is, in many ways, extremely counterproductive. Not only does the need to attend to every […]

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Keep a Healthy Balance in Your Busy Life

Learn to shut work off. These days you can work practically anywhere, anytime. It can be a trap, so set a firm time of day to stop work and start concentrating on your family and other activities.

• Focus on the here and now. When you’re working, give it your full attention. And when you […]

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Preparing to Get Alzheimer’s

When faced with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s, most of us respond with denial (“It won’t happen to me”) or extreme efforts at prevention. But global health expert and TED Fellow Alanna Shaikh sees it differently. She’s taking three concrete steps to prepare for the moment — should it arrive — when she herself […]

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Stress Mastery Rx #9

Recognize that you are not a prisoner of past programming. Just because you heard negative comments from your parents and others, does not make those statements accurate. You can choose to disregard them, and you can decide not to repeat them to yourself. Instead, repeat healthy, optimistic thoughts to yourself daily.

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How to Get 15 Days of Fame

Want to get 15 minutes of fame? How about 15 days or weeks of fame? Here’s the answer: just brutally kill someone, get the attention of the media, and there you go.

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Marino… Another Superstar’s Fall From Grace

Some celebrities (certainly not all) possess a narcissistic personality disorder, plain and simple.

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Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace

Did you know that workplace bullying is occurring in the US at an alarming rate? Dr. Jack Singer tells you how to identify it and how to effectively deal with it.

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New Years Wishes

It's almost here - the New Year! And with it comes so much excitement and suspense! It also comes with reflection - and so much gratitude and appreciation. I am SO grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and all that I am blessed with! Thank YOU for being a part of it!

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