How HR Professionals Can Use Employee Wellness Program Statistics to Their Advantage

As an HR Professional, I know you’ve been there and done that: trying your best to convince your CEO about the benefits that employee and workplace wellness programs will bring to the company. While you can state statistics about how stress mastery workshops, for example, will reduce healthcare costs, your CEO is mainly concerned […]

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Controlling Costs Are Not the Only Incentive for CFO’s to Purchase Your Health Benefits Packages!

Most benefits firms assume that the key determination for CFO’s in their choice of employee health benefits packages is return on investment (ROI) and their desire to get the cheapest option.  But in a new survey of 345 CFO’s conducted by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a national nonprofit research firm supported by more […]

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Mental Wealth: How Wellness Programs Impact the Financial Health of Your Company

Corporations seem to be taking employee wellness more and more seriously. As employee health issues are increasing, and the subsequent healthcare costs are rising, it’s no wonder that more executives are jumping on to the wellness program bandwagon. The truth of the matter is, when corporations embrace the core values of promoting employee health, […]

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Why You Need to Know About Workplace Wellness

Today, many companies are recognizing the importance of employee physical and psychological wellness by creating special workplace wellness programs. So far, results show that these programs benefit employees as well as companies. From the employee standpoint, this focus on health can reduce job stress and raise employee morale. At the business level, these employee […]

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Did You Know That Your Brain Takes Breaks?

The human brain takes a rest of its own when you go to sleep, according to new research.

A study paired EEG (electroencephalogram) readings with data collected by electrodes measuring electrical activity inside the brain while patients slept.

The results showed that neurons within the brain sometimes take short breaks during sleep, and that these […]

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Yawning – Why Do We Do It and Why Is It Contagious?

Yawning is one of the most natural things in the world and something that we do even before we are born, but why do we yawn and why is it so contagious?

Theories abound in the medical world as to why humans and some animals yawn. While some scientists believe that it was a method […]

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Leave the Scale Behind and Embrace a Healthier Happier Lifestyle

2014 is all about making your life better and you can do that by getting stronger and healthier. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with like-minded people to get you fired up on your fitness journey.

Talk to local personal trainers, nutritionists or your doctor to receive inside tips on how to improve your quality of […]

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Being a ‘Good Sport’ Can Be Critical to Maintaining Lifelong Physical Activity

Being a 'Good Sport' Can Be Critical to Maintaining Lifelong Physical Activity.

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Take Care of Your Heart Health in 2011

With rising health care costs this is very definitely the best time to begin to get serious about your health and your families health. Because heart disease can strike anyone without warning, the American Heart Association offers a variety of free programs to help you get started on those New Years resolutions that concern […]

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Teenage Sports Team Participation

A recent study reported in Science Daily and conducted by Dr. Keith Zullig and Rebecca White from West Virginia University shows that middle-school teenagers who are physically active and play on sports teams are more satisfied with their life and feel healthier.

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