How to Utilize the Power of Persuasion to Boost Your Financial Services Career

As you know, your career in financial services involves a large amount of selling, whether it’s selling yourself and your services to a prospective client, selling an investment idea to a client, or selling your core financial planning values to your current clients.  A large percentage of advisors with whom I consult tell me […]

Avoid Advisor Burnout: 7 Client Personality Types to Eliminate from Your Practice (Part 1)

During these days of relative market flatness, with no negative economic or world events looming, advisors find it relatively easy to deal with the variety of personality types in their financial practice. But, when the market inevitably tanks or develops remarkable volatility, it is obviously very unsettling. One of the main reasons is because […]

3 Powerful Take-Aways that Financial Advisors Can Learn from LeBron James

Game 7 of the NBA champion series was the most highly rated sports show in decades.  Here was the defending champion, Golden State Warriors, and they were playing at home for the championship. LeBron’s team (the Cleveland Cavaliers) had been down 3 games to 1 before they tied it up at 3-3. Never before […]

3 Characteristics of an Outstanding Financial Services Professional

I am currently reading a fabulous book, Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End, by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, from the Harvard Business School. As I read, I am struck by how she defines true leaders, including those who are the stewards of our wealth. In my experience working with the financial […]

How to Use Active Listening to Manage Stress and Strengthen Client Relationships

Stress mastery is an important skill for everyone, regardless of their career or industry. For financial advisors, stress mastery can help you perform better under pressure and better deal with difficult clients.

The key to stress mastery is understanding that events themselves do not cause your stress – you cause your own stress by the […]

Stress Mastery Tips for Type A and People-Pleasing Personalities

In my last few blog posts, I have discussed not only corporate wellness programs, but also the importance of individuals taking mental health into their own hands. Mental health involves managing stress, because stress is not caused by events themselves but rather how we interpret events. On my Developing the Mindset of a Champion […]

Job Stressors: What Financial Advisors Can Learn from Athletic Training Coaches

I am honored that I have been invited to address members of the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa), in Dallas, on May 5th. These coaches are unique resources for athletes, as they take responsibility for helping to develop these people for life, as well as in their sport. Although this is a […]

Controlling Costs Are Not the Only Incentive for CFO’s to Purchase Your Health Benefits Packages!

Most benefits firms assume that the key determination for CFO’s in their choice of employee health benefits packages is return on investment (ROI) and their desire to get the cheapest option.  But in a new survey of 345 CFO’s conducted by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI), a national nonprofit research firm supported by more […]

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Mental Wealth: How Wellness Programs Impact the Financial Health of Your Company

Corporations seem to be taking employee wellness more and more seriously. As employee health issues are increasing, and the subsequent healthcare costs are rising, it’s no wonder that more executives are jumping on to the wellness program bandwagon. The truth of the matter is, when corporations embrace the core values of promoting employee health, […]

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Seahawks Share A Valuable Lesson Advisor’s Need to Learn

In last week’s playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers, Pete Carroll found his team behind at halftime 31-0. How he handled this situation is a lesson that all financial advisors should take to heart.
Coming Back From Behind
Following his tremendous leadership and optimistic core values, the entire team still believed they could […]