3 Powerful Take-Aways that Financial Advisors Can Learn from LeBron James

Game 7 of the NBA champion series was the most highly rated sports show in decades.  Here was the defending champion, Golden State Warriors, and they were playing at home for the championship. LeBron’s team (the Cleveland Cavaliers) had been down 3 games to 1 before they tied it up at 3-3. Never before […]

5 Steps to Supercharging Your Self-Confidence as a World Class Advisor

In my 33 years of consulting with Olympic, World Champion and professional athletes, plus my consulting and mentoring experience with financial advisors…all directed at teaching them to develop a champion’s mindset, I have seen many parallels, when it comes to the critical issue of self-confidence. Self-confidence, or the lack of it, can lead you directly […]

Creating a Game Plan for Success to Conquer Self-Doubt

The best way to eradicate fear is to begin by understanding the distorted thinking that causes it to appear in the first place.

“Imposter Fear” is based on false beliefs; believing that you are really not as competent as you appear to others and it’s only a matter of time before your incompetence is uncovered […]

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What Advisors Can Learn from Joe Flacco

I don’t know Joe Flacco personally. But I know a thing or two about what it takes to become a champion, as he did by winning the 2013 Super Bowl.

With my 33 years of experience as a professional sports psychologist, I have counseled and trained many professional football players and world champion athletes. They […]

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How to Remember Names

Does this happen to you? You just met someone at a social function or a meeting and you instantly realize that you can’t recall their name. People place great value on being recognized and you don’t want to be considered rude or awkward.
Here are 4 simple tips to help you retain the name of […]

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The Perils of Perfectionism

Finding work/life balance in today’s busy and highly competitive world could never be described as easy. For most perfectionists, however, it is downright impossible.

Although many people tend to think of being a perfectionist as a positive thing, true perfectionism is, in many ways, extremely counterproductive. Not only does the need to attend to every […]

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Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

3 videos by Amy Cuddy that you should watch.

There has been a lot of research into how others perceive our body language, and the importance of sending the right message. However, Amy Cuddy delves into how we are influenced by our own body language — and how a few strategic power poses can make a world […]

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What Really Makes You Tick?

Self Improvement – 5 questions you should ask yourself

If you are like me, I often view myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement. It is human nature to want to aspire daily for something deeper and more meaningful in life.

But life […]

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Your Game Plan for Releasing the Champion Within to Your Business

Running a successful business requires the exact same skills from its managers and employees that professional sports teams require from their coaches and athletes. To stay at the top of your game requires the three C’s: Confidence, Concentration and Control. All three of these key elements overlap and depend on the others for ultimate business success.

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How to Develop Confidence in Yourself

When you begin to get clear on who you are, what's important to you, and where you're headed, you'll begin to feel empowered and in control of your destiny.

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