The Top Secret to Helping Financial Advisors Raise Their AUM

Many veteran advisors contact me with the following questions:  “Why do my high-value clients only entrust a portion of their assets with me? If they trust me with some assets, why not allow me to manage all of their assets?” “How can I change this situation?”

According to a recent Capgemini, RBC Wealth Management U.S. […]

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Managing Specific Stressors Inherent to Financial Advisors

Besides having to deal with the “life stressors” we all experience, such as marital/family challenges, the death of parents, chronic illnesses, and the like, financial advisors are faced with a multitude of potential stressors directly related to their profession. Fortunately, by using some simple methods, these stressors inherent to financial advisors can be managed.

Many […]

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Financial Advisors: The Real Cause of Your Stress

Many advisors have contacted me for help dealing with their stress during the recent roller coaster upheavals in the market. As I have written in many articles over the years, it’s important to remember that events, such as volatile markets, don’t cause stress. Your interpretation of the events (for example, telling yourself that now […]

Are You a Financial Advisor Worried About Dealing with Market “Collapse-O-Phobia”?

One of the most frequent issues that financial advisors bring to me is how to handle their fear of dealing with difficult clients when the market heads south, or “Collapse-O-Phobia”.

As I thought about the concepts to introduce in this piece, I am elated to see that two female army officers withstood the extreme rigors […]

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How Financial Advisors Can Capitalize on The Female Market (Part 4)

In our last segment, I described the very interesting survey of women’s financial needs, goals and fears.  Women represent a very lucrative and untapped market niche for financial advisors. But in order to capitalize on the female market, financial advisors need to use a different set of skills than with most clients.

So, how do […]

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How Financial Advisors Can Understand Women’s Financial Fears and Unmet Needs in the Financial Arena (Part 3) 

We’ve talked about the opportunities that exist in the female market for financial advisors and effective key strategies that help you find success when dealing with the female market. This week, in part three of this four part series, we are going to discuss how you can address women’s financial fears and their unmet […]

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Key Strategies for Financial Advisors Serving a Female Market (Part 2)

Last week we talked about the opportunities that exist for financial advisors in the female market and why it’s an area that should be explored. This week I want to take a look at key strategies that financial advisors serving the female market, or any professional for that matter, should use to have the greatest […]

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How Financial Advisors Can Explore and Better Serve the Often Overlooked Female Market (Part 1)

A recent study by Fidelity Investments found that 70% of widows fire their financial advisor within one year after their spouse dies!  Why would so many women dismiss the advisor who worked so diligently for their family, in many cases, for years?  The answer is enlightening:  They viewed the advisor as condescending toward them, […]

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The 5 Step Game Plan to Dealing with Market Turmoil and Uncertainty Like An NFL Quarterback

Here we go once again. The economy, Ebola, Isis, an overdue market correction…you name it, but investors and many top advisors are again going through gloom & doom predictions and fears. If the market falls precipitously does this mean that advisor stress levels must simultaneously skyrocket, as if the market and advisors are sitting […]

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5 Steps to Supercharging Your Self-Confidence as a World Class Advisor

In my 33 years of consulting with Olympic, World Champion and professional athletes, plus my consulting and mentoring experience with financial advisors…all directed at teaching them to develop a champion’s mindset, I have seen many parallels, when it comes to the critical issue of self-confidence. Self-confidence, or the lack of it, can lead you directly […]