Toxic Clients That Financial Advisors Should Avoid – Part 2

In my last blog post, I brought up the topic of “toxic” clients in the financial advisor profession, with an overview of some of the toxic personalities that you should consider keeping out of your practice. Today I will continue on, discussing four additional toxic personalities to avoid.

As I noted in the article, because […]

Market Volatility and the Emergence of Toxic Clients

Market volatility is unsettling for most financial advisors. Dealing with up and down conditions is tough, but what makes it even worse is the emergence of “toxic clients” who begin calling frantically. These clients are “toxic” because they can have a poisonous effect on both the advisor’s mental and physical health.

Advisors who consult with […]

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Stress in the Workplace: New Research Specific to Financial Advisors and Other Financial Service Professionals

Every year stress in the workplace costs employers billions of dollars from health insurance claims, absenteeism, and poor work quality – but did you know that workplace stress is as dangerous to your health as second hand smoke? A new review of 228 studies shows just how dangerous workplace stress is, making it more […]

Conquering the Stress of Market Volatility: 7 Critical Steps for Financial Advisors

Market volatility is a major cause of stress for financial advisors, who have to deal with demanding clients, worry about how long market upheaval will last, and reconsider their core values in order to take advantage of current market conditions.

Advisors under these pressures often seek me out, complaining about symptoms such as insomnia, irritability […]

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Recognizing the Real “Culprit” Causing Financial Advisor Stress

Most advisors believe that their stress is caused by the whole host of potential stressors inherent in their jobs, such as:

Feeling pressure to build your book of business
Maintaining your wealth management philosophies and strategies, while dealing with difficult and abusive clients whose lack of knowledge causes them to differ with you
Working for a difficult […]

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Tips For Type ‘A’ Financial Advisors To Better Master Stress

Many advisors contact me with the following question:  “My dad is a Type A personality and I am just like him.  Is there any hope for me or am I doomed to be hyper and stressed in my advising career forever?”

Type A personality traits were actually discovered by two prominent cardiologists, partners in an […]

5 Steps to Dealing with Demanding, Abrasive, and Panic-Prone Clients

In one of my past articles I discussed four common, negative self-talk patterns in which advisors frequently (and often unconsciously) engage.  Recall that it is NOT the event (such as extreme market volatility or abrasive clients complaining to you) that builds stress in you; rather, it is your BELIEFS and INTERNAL SELF-TALK habits about […]

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How to Bypass Underachievement and Flourish in Your Advising Career

In your heart of hearts, have you begun to lose faith in your ability to achieve your career goals?

Are you getting discouraged, feeling that you can’t keep up with the demands of your financial advising career?

Do you look at your high achieving colleagues and wonder how they do it?


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How to Separate Yourself from the Competition

Many veteran advisors contact me with the following questions:

“I make a nice living in my career, but others seem to make much more?”
“ What are they doing differently?”
“Why am I so much more stressed than they seem to be?”
“Maybe they are more cut out for this career than I am?”

In my 33 […]

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4 Common Self-Talk Habits that Increase Financial Advisor Stress and Burnout

In a recent article, I discussed how the real cause of all stress, is how people interpret events and situations that take place in their lives, particularly in their advising jobs.  The culprit is our self-talk, which always determines whether or not the situation will cause us stress. To review, using as an example […]

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