The Advisor’s Guide to Overcoming the Fear of Self-Promotion

In my work with financial professionals, I find that one of the most common fears they experience is the “fear of self-promotion.” This fear manifests itself in difficulties in asking for referrals, hesitancy in listing their skills and competencies in their marketing campaign, and getting caught up in the “always be modest” syndrome.

The media […]

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How to Utilize the Power of Persuasion to Boost Your Financial Services Career

As you know, your career in financial services involves a large amount of selling, whether it’s selling yourself and your services to a prospective client, selling an investment idea to a client, or selling your core financial planning values to your current clients.  A large percentage of advisors with whom I consult tell me […]

Mastering Twenty Key Habits of Emotionally Resilient Advisors: Part Two

This is Part 2 of my series directed at showing you the of habits of emotionally resilient financial advisors. What is important to remember is that you don’t have to master all twenty of these habits in order to develop resilience to the stressors inherent in your profession.

Emotional resilience involves the ability to withstand […]

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Mastering Twenty Key Habits of Emotionally Resilient Advisors: Part One

Have you ever wondered how some advisors you know remain calm and emotionally stable despite adversity and challenges? Have you watched co-workers in the same challenging situations in which you find yourself, reacting with much less stress than you do? Have you concluded that these people are lucky because it’s in their DNA to […]

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Avoid Advisor Burnout: 7 Client Personality Types to Eliminate from Your Practice (Part 1)

During these days of relative market flatness, with no negative economic or world events looming, advisors find it relatively easy to deal with the variety of personality types in their financial practice. But, when the market inevitably tanks or develops remarkable volatility, it is obviously very unsettling. One of the main reasons is because […]

3 Necessary Components for Ultimate Advisor Happiness

Psychologist Martin Seligman, the father of the “Positive Psychology” movement, has spent the latter part of his career conducting research into the character strengths and life components that consistently define happiness.
Many financial advisors with whom I have worked with, complain that although they make a very comfortable living, they would not describe themselves as truly […]

7 Powerful Secrets for Eliminating Advisors’ Self-Imposed Stress

In essence, all of our stress is actually self-imposed.  What do I mean by that?  Events and situations that advisors deal with do not cause advisor stress. It’s not the event, but your interpretation of the event that either causes stress or relaxed feelings.  The choice is yours.  It’s all about the conversations you […]

5 Ways to Delight Your Clients

Developing a successful business means standing out from the competition, whether you’re in finance, healthcare, sales, HR, legal services, or any other industry. One way to do that is by making your clients a part of your business’s “family” – showing that you value them as clients and as individuals. There are many ways […]

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3 Powerful Take-Aways that Financial Advisors Can Learn from LeBron James

Game 7 of the NBA champion series was the most highly rated sports show in decades.  Here was the defending champion, Golden State Warriors, and they were playing at home for the championship. LeBron’s team (the Cleveland Cavaliers) had been down 3 games to 1 before they tied it up at 3-3. Never before […]

3 Points of Stress for Independent Health Insurance Agents

Recent changes to health insurance laws have caused dramatic shifts in the careers of independent health insurance agents. Changes in commission structure and competition from health insurance navigators have led independent agents to feel fear and stress. Fortunately, help is available. The professional organization Health Agents of America (HAFA) is looking out for independent […]

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