Who Am I?

I am a nationally-renowned psychologist, professional Keynote speaker, author, trainer, mentor and consultant to financial advisor organizations I enjoy utilizing cutting-edge research in the fields of Positive Psychology, Resiliency, and Neuroplasticity, combined with humor and audience engagement to deliver results-driven inspiration and techniques to ensure that all finance professionals and audience members leave your event energized, entertained, educated, and alive with new career possibilities.

Develop the Mindset of a Champion

Jack from AudienceAs a professional psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer has spent 33 years teaching Professional, Olympic and World Champion athletes how to be successful through developing the mindset of a champion.

Dr. Jack combines his sense of humor and professional experience to teach audiences how they can consistently bounce back from adversity, perform at their best under the most challenging circumstances, unlock their true potential, master their stress and supercharge their performance

People learn best when they are laughing and as a Psychologist, Dr. Jack knows this very well and presents a program that is vibrantly alive and engaging.

Each of Dr. Jack’s keynotes contains powerful, research-based psychological principles from the fields of Sport Psychology, Resiliency, and Neuroplasticity and customizes the material specifically for financial advisors and insurance professionals.

Dr. Jack’s goal is to ensure that your attendees learn while they are laughingAs a Psychologist, Dr. Jack understands that people learn best when they are having fun. His engaging programs are vibrantly alive with audience participation.