Dr. Jack Singer
Keynote Speaker & Mentor for Financial Advisors

Dr. Jack Singer is a Professional Psychologist who has spent 33 years successfully teaching Olympic, World Champion and Professional athletes how to consistently bounce back from adversity, perform at their best under the most challenging circumstances, unlock their true potential, master their stress and supercharge their performance… all by developing the mindset of a champion!

Dr. Jack is now employing these same techniques and applying them to financial professionals in an effort to help them achieve the greatness they desire and supercharge their careers. Through his dynamic speaking presentations and mentoring programs, he is changing the life of financial professionals around the world.

How Do Financial Professionals
Develop the Mindset of a Champion?

Dr. Jack has combined his years of education and experience to create proven, actionable strategies that teach financial professionals how to master their stress, bounce back from difficulties and release their underlying talents. Developing the mindset of a champion includes mastering the following skill set:


For financial professionals who are:

Afraid of failing
Feeling self-doubt, overwhelmed and unsure of themselves
Using procrastination to avoid cold-calling
Difficulty balancing work and family
Debating whether they have what it takes to become and remain a top producer
Feeling tremendous pressure to succeed without the self-confidence to do so

Dr. Jack teaches them:

The perfect internal dialogue techniques that lead to world-class success in their careers
The exact same mental toughness skills that world champion athletes use to empower their success
Self-motivation techniques that will ignite their careers
Resiliency techniques to protect them from every stressor their career throws at them
Psychological secrets to attract new clients within the first seven seconds after meeting them
Scientifically proven psychological techniques to shatter any self-doubt
What People Are Saying…

Audrey Kamin
Audrey KaminRegional Sales VP, Met Life Investments
"The most important and valuable programI've heard in my field for years! And so funny! I would definitely bring Dr. Jack back again."
Rosendo Adorno
Rosendo AdornoMutual of Omaha Investment Services
"Very useful, very practical, profound. Thank you and God bless you, Dr. Jack!"
Steve Phillips
Steve PhillipsNational Sales & Education Director, Magellan Financial
"Absolutely Fantastic-Real skills that provide real value! Thank you, Dr. Jack"
Vernon Gibsen
Vernon GibsenMoors & Cabot
"Outstanding and it re-charged my battery! This was the best presentation I have attended here!"
Lisa Tennanut
Lisa TennanutM&T Securities
"The best session I've attended. He engaged the audience like no other speaker I head and his optimism is contagious!"
Chris Casey
Chris CaseyMutual of Omaha Investment Services
"Very actionable, practical ideas, that can be immediately implemented."
James Bird
James BirdCUNA Mutual Investment Services
"Outstanding! It refocuses and brings clarity to how I Stray from my successes and how to get back to the successes.'
Randy Thill
Randy ThillAIG Financial Advisors
"The best talk I have heard in years!"
Elaine Kavanagh
Elaine KavanaghMarketing Director, Academic Financial
"Awesome!! I believe things happen for a reason and I believe it was meantthat I met Jack and listened to his presentation today. The information thatJack presented is going to start working for me right away!"